Local MSP visits Award-Winning IT Disposal Company

Re-Tek (UK) welcome Collette Stevenson, MSP for East Kilbride, to their state of the art IT disposal facility.

Showcasing East Kilbride Business

Re-Tek (UK) Ltd are a growing business in the East Kilbride community. Situated in the Kelvin South Business Park, Re-Tek are a member of a strong business network in the area. As supporters of South Lanarkshire’s ‘Routes to Work’ programme, Re-Tek have provided employment for the long-term unemployed in East Kilbride. Re-Tek’s Managing Director, Gordon Lowrie, spoke with Collette about Re-Tek’s focus on good working conditions and local recruitment.

A Tour of the Facility

Ms. Stevenson was given a tour of Re-Tek’s facility by Gordon Lowrie, the managing director. The visit took place on Wednesday the 20th October, just two weeks before the start of COP26.  The tour highlighted Re-Tek’s continued investments in renewables and energy efficiency. Additionally, Re-Tek were able to showcase their custom-built volume build centre, which has allowed to business to expand their service offering. Re-Tek’s project director, William McPherson, explained Re-Tek’s ‘cradle-to-grave’ model, which allows the business to sustainably handle IT equipment throughout from deployment to disposal.

“We were delighted to welcome Collette to our facility today. Collette was very engaged with our sustainability messaging and provided us with some useful insights from a government perspective. We were able to have a stimulating conversation around green issues and the best methods for tackling them.” – Gordon Lowrie, Managing Director

Going Over the Government's Green Goals

Ms Stevenson was able to provide some insight into the government’s environmental strategy. The Scottish government has made significant changes to tackle climate change head on. Re-Tek were able to better understand the government’s sustainability goals. Similarly, Re-Tek provided Ms Stevenson with a better understanding of how IT Asset Disposal can help in the fight against climate change.

“It was great to visit Re-Tek and meet Gordon Lowrie and employees who talked through the work they do. Their commitment to renewable energy is impressive, and it was great to see how their operations make a positive impact in the fight against climate change. They’ve gone from strength to strength over the years and I have no doubt their success will continue long into the future.” – Collette Stevenson, MSP East Kilbride

Anticipation Builds for COP26

Re-Tek extended an invitation to Ms Stevenson for their upcoming sustainability webinar, ‘“Closing the Loop” in ICT’. The event, which takes place during COP26, will discuss the circular economy in the UK economy. Invites have also been sent to Ms Stevenson’s peers on the Net Zero, Energy, and Transport Committee.