"Closing the Loop" in ICT

About the Event

With COP26 taking place in Scotland this year, this webinar aims to draw attention to the often overlooked Circular Economy.

Our esteemed panelists will discuss issues related to closing the loop in the ICT sector. That means stopping IT devices from being needlessly sent to landfill.

“Closing the Loop” in ICT will look at the need for re-use over recycling, the process for recovering critical raw materials, and how all of this can be recorded and shared effectively.

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The Panel

Claire Rampen

Claire is co-founder and CEO of Edinburgh-based startup, Reath Technology. Claire is focused on helping businesses become more sustainable through collaboration.

Reath offers a B2B software solution for companies adopting reuse and remanufacturing systems and is backed by organisations such as Innovate UK and The Open Data Institute.

More about Reath can be found here.

Kevin Culligan

Kevin helped found Re-Tek (UK) 25 years ago. Initially trading in integrated circuits circuits, Kevin helped the business to fill the gap in the market caused by the shortage in the East.

Kevin continued to find gaps in the market, aiding Re-Tek in securing their first IT Asset Disposal from a public sector body in 2003.

Now, Kevin is guiding Re-Tek’s market-leading practices, helping businesses to sustainably close the loop of their IT.

Andrew Hursthouse

Andrew has been working in academia for over 30 years. Primarily focused on environmental geochemistry, Andrew’s research covers the behaviour of pollutants in the environment, evaluating their impact on ecosystems and for human health.

Andrew has worked with businesses and third sector organisations, working as part of multi-disciplinary teams to help address major societal challenges.

Andrew is an advocate of the Circular Economy and critical raw material recovery.

Andrew’s Research can be found here.