Legislation & Accreditation

Re-Tek’s Accreditations take your organisation beyond basic legislative compliance and provide total peace of mind.

Environmental Legislation

If your Redundant IT Assets are illegally exported, you and your organisation could be held liable.

Environmental legislation in the UK puts the onus on every business to segregate their Waste Electronics and ensure that it is properly transported and treated by accredited organisations with the correct licenses and permits.

Untreated or unprocessed WEEE that is caught being illegally exported is the responsibility of the business from which the WEEE originated. This means organisations must be able to prove they have shown appropriate care and performed the necessary due diligence to prove they chose an IT Asset Disposal partner with the appropriate accreditations and treatment processes in place. Companies, and their employees, who deal with environmental waste can be held liable if they operate in contradiction of these laws.

Data Protection Legislation

Organisations who dispose of their redundant IT must not only consider compliance with Environmental Legislation. The Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 are also applicable to IT Disposal, and failure to comply with both pieces of legislation can have even graver commercial implications.

Both the DPA and the GDPR put further legal obligation on companies with respect to disposing of IT Equipment.

If your organisation processes personal data, you are responsible for doing so in line with both pieces of Data Protection Legislation. Processing, as defined in the legislation, includes every aspect of collecting, storing, and modifying this data – and importantly for IT Asset Disposal, also includes destruction of this data.

Licenses & Accreditations

Re-Tek are one of the most highly accredited and licensed IT Disposal companies in the UK

Re-Tek’s approach is to go beyond the minimum environmental and security requirements necessary to meet current government legislation relevant to IT Asset Retirement.

Please click below to view our accreditations. These accreditations, combined with our own environmental agenda and security ethos, gives our customers peace of mind that the choice to use Re-Tek is the choice to have a positive impact on their organisation.


Modern Slavery Act 2015

Re-Tek is committed to preventing modern slavery in our corporate activities, ensuring safe working conditions for all. We aim to ensure that our supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking and have a zero tolerance approach to forced labour, slavery and human trafficking in any form.

Modern Slavery Policy