Our Ethos

At Re-Tek, our mission is to provide better lifecycle management for your IT. We want to unlock the value of your IT, from cradle to grave. We stop IT from being needlessly thrown away through our circular business practices.

What We Do

From configuring devices to your specifications, to erasing your confidential data, we handle every aspect of your IT’s life. Re-Tek provide a best-in-class service you can rely on. Our full lifecycle services make your IT more sustainable.

Our Lifecycle Services

Pioneering the circular economy for over 25 years

We have been tailoring and improving our services for a long time. We offer you a superior service as we invest heavily in our business. That means you get award-winning sustainable IT solutions from a company you can trust.

Our History

Our Values

Our Team

Global Partner Network

Re-Tek's fully accredited network of partners means that we can handle your IT disposal, no matter where you are in the world.

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