About The Company

Re-Tek is a positive impact partner to our customers. This is demonstrated by our commitment to security, renewable energy, the circular economy, and giving our customer the opportunity to make a difference with their IT.

Re-Tek Values

Re-Tek operate by a set of values that we apply every day to our dealings with our customers and each other

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Our Facilities

Secure and powered by renewable energy.

As a result of a massive investment program, our facility is 70% powered by renewable energy.
Our biomass boiler generates heat and hot water, using pellets generated from sustainable, purpose-built forests. Our solar panels generate our electricity, and any unused electricity is supplied back to the national grid.

Using a secure entry system and CCTV, access to and from the building is restricted and monitored at all times.
Alarmed to IDD243 specification and maintained by our security company, any breaches are reported directly to the police force.

Our production area is equipped with a large, segregated, lockable area for the storage and processing of data bearing equipment.

Re-Tek are always delighted to welcome our customers and partners to view our operations.

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The History

For over 23 years, Re-Tek has grown and led the IT industry in offering refurbishment and resale as an alternative for end of life equipment being needlessly recycled.

With our commitment to security, the circular economy and our values, we pride ourselves on being a positive impact partner to our customers, giving them the opportunity to make a difference with their IT.

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Re-Tek's Accreditations protect your organisation

Re-Tek’s Accreditations take your organisation beyond basic legislative compliance and provide total peace of mind.

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Our Global Partner Network

Our network of esteemed partners allows us to deliver market-leading services around the world.  We can manage the entire global asset chain-of-custody seamlessly to provide a highly secure, cost-effective disposal service for our clients.  All our partners have been audited by our directors to ensure that they meet our standards and hold all the relevant accreditations to securely handle your data-bearing assets.

Meet The Team

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Warehouse Team

Meet the members of our warehouse team at Re-Tek.