Re-Tek's Revenue Share Model: How is it calculated?

Looking to dispose of your IT but don't know how much it's worth? Re-Tek will give you an insight into how we calculate how much money you get back.

What is a Revenue Share Model?

A revenue share model allows you to get a cut of the profits that Re-Tek make. Why? Because it is important that you are rewarded for taking the right steps to becoming more sustainable.

Re-Tek are able to provide some financial return on most IT disposals. It all depends on our operating costs and the value of the used IT.

What is the Re-Tek Formula?

Step 1

First, Re-Tek will look through and note everything we have collected from your business. We put this into our bespoke database which creates an asset management form.

Step 2

From there, our re-marketing team will assess the devices including their condition. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, they can tell instantly what has value and what doesn’t. But we don’t work on instinct alone. So, our re-marketing team will check the pricing with our network of buyers to make sure it is correct.

Step 3

Re-Tek then work out the operational costs for the job. This includes transportation costs, working hours, and energy use. This is taken off of the sale value.

Step 4

Then, Re-Tek are able to offer you a financial return on your IT equipment. This will be a 70/30 profit split. From there, you can use your share for whatever you would like. Don’t know what to spend it on? We have a few ideas that businesses like yours are using.

What should I do with the money?

You have several options when you receive your quote. Some businesses decide to use their money themselves while others will donate it to charity. How do you know which is right for your business?

Subsidise your IT Refresh

If you are disposing of redundant IT, you are likely buying new equipment. Use the money generated by your old IT to cover some of that cost. You can therefore lower the lifetime cost of your IT.

Make a Donation to Charity

Does your company have an associated charity or foundation? Re-Tek are able to donate to a charity of your choice. Turn your redundant IT into a force for good. You can use these funds to boost your corporate social responsibility.

Add Funds to Another Budget

Do you have departments crying out for bigger budgets? Give them some extra finances from your waste IT. This could give your marketing an extra boost or could buy some extra equipment for your warehouse team.