Re-Tek Support Social Bite

Re-Tek support Social Bite’s Digital Inclusion Project

Re-Tek were delighted to participate in a project involving Social Bite and Scott-Moncrieff to provide IT equipment to Social Bite to support a new Digital Inclusion service at their five sandwich shops across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Scott-Moncrieff kindly donated 17 PCs and 34 Laptops from their office in Glasgow and 17 PCs and 20 Laptops from their office in Edinburgh to support Social Bite’s fantastic efforts to eradicate homelessness in Scotland.

Re-Tek collected the units on behalf of Social Bite, securely wiped the data, refurbished and sold into our reseller network. With the funds generated, Re-Tek secured 25 high spec laptops and 4 PCs and installed Windows 10 and Microsoft Office to support the Digital Inclusion project.

Social Bite said: “This is a generous and practical donation from two respected businesses which will be a huge help to us in training and support not only in the number of people we can help, but also how efficiently we can do it.”

If any organisation would like to donate their redundant IT equipment to support Social Bite’s great causes then please contact Ewain Black at Social Bite ([email protected]) or Billy McPherson at Re-Tek ([email protected]).