Building on our Past Experience, to Pioneer a Sustainable Future.

From used integrated circuits to full IT Asset Disposal, Re-Tek have always been at the cutting edge of sustainable IT.


Re-Tek UK Ltd is established, working in tandem with Re-Tek LLC US.  Re-Tek is founded on the back of a shortage of integrated circuits (ICs) manufactured in Japan which gives Re-Tek an opportunity to refurbish and resell used ICs without the need for raw materials.  The name Re-Tek is formed from a contraction of ‘Re-Marketed Technology’, which is the company’s core business.


Re-Tek begins to expand the business into IT peripherals as used IC demand subsides, now refurbishing surplus floppy disks, CD ROMs, CD writers, Video Cards, Hard Drives, VGA Cards and Motherboards generated from the vibrant manufacturing sector in North America and Europe.


As the manufacturing infrastructure in the western hemisphere migrates to Asia and Eastern Europe, Re-Tek group adapt their business model and offer their first ICT disposal service to a public sector organisation extending the lifecycle of used, complete PCs and laptops rather than the standard practice at that time of conventional recycling.


After diversifying the customer base for ICT disposal and refurbishment into the private sector, Re-Tek continue to take more strides forwards, moving into a custom built  facility which would become the home for the business in the long-term.  The new site allows for Re-Tek to increase the capacity and efficiency of the business.


Thanks to increased demand for ITAD services, Re-Tek have been able to build strategic partnerships with established organisations in the reseller sector to grow their customer base.  Re-Tek’s services are now significantly accredited in environmental processes and information security management.


Re-Tek embark on an aggressive environmental investment initiative and begin with the install of a 60KWh biomass furnace and 10 tonne pellet store to limit the firm’s reliance on the fossil fuel gas supply.  This furnace supplies heating for the offices and warehouse while also providing hot water around the building.  The facility’s 45KWh solar panel array is set to be finished the following year to generate electricity and offset electricity costs.


Re-Tek are recognised by Zero Waste Scotland and the European Commission’s Institute for Environment and Sustainability Joint Research Centre as having a best-in-class Circular Economy business model and process and refurbish over 160,000 units in a single year.


Re-Tek are recognised for their hard work and dedication to the circular economy in Scotland, receiving Business Insider’s ‘Remade in Scotland’ award.  Re-Tek are also recognised for their sustainable practices, this time receiving the Sustainability Award at the CeeD industry awards.


Re-Tek further diversify their service offering by building a state-of-the-art volume build centre on the mezzanine level of the facility.  Re-Tek also earn a premium  accreditation, with Re-Tek’s services now being CAS-S certified, offering their varied services to every business sector not just in the UK but worldwide through their global partner network.