Re-Tek Are Providing Our Expertise to Assist the Government’s Waste Reduction Initiatives.

Since the launch of the WEEE directive the volumes of ICT and Consumer electronic waste are expected to reach 12 million tonnes in the EU alone by 2020. As national governments look for improvements in recycling processes, re-use organisations have been key to identifying how to improve the e-waste disposal process. These improvements provide a practical means of delivering the government’s Circular Economy policies and are at the top of the waste hierarchy (European, UK and Scottish Policy), which promotes waste reduction and re-use before recycling.

Re-tek are actively involved with the following government organisations in the UK and EU in an attempt to provide the experience and information that will lead to improvements in EEE capture, repair and refurbishment.

Waste Resource Action plan (WRAP); providing technical advice for lifecycle assessment and running collaborative trials that focus on sustainability in re-use over recycling in the B2B and C2B sector. Providing input to emerging circular groups such as esap whose objective is to share evidence, inform, guide and take action to increase re-use and recycling of EEE.

Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS); reviewing and participating in alternative business model assessment and trials that will provide incentivised trade-in for EEE retailers and their customers whilst improving re-use of EEE in the C2B sector. Promoting our circular business model as an inspiration to others in different sectors.

The institute for Environment and Sustainability of the European Commission –Joint Research Centre JRC; has identified our processes and systems as best practice, recently conducting a site visit to the Re-Tek premises and positively endorsing future plans.

Re-Tek’s Continuous Improvement

Our policy of continuous improvement and proactive government engagement has led us to the forefront, influencing best practice in our sector. We believe our approach to innovation and collaboration will have a positive impact in the management and recovery of used EEE & WEEE for many years to come.