Two man teams, security cleared personnel, hard sided vehicle, secure cages and GSM tracking ensures your collections are fully secure during transportation.

Secure Logistics are the first step in Re-Tek’s security processes, and are offered as a stand alone service where customers need guaranteed in transit protection for valuable or data bearing assets.

Every customer collection is allocated a unique job number. The assets within that collection will be tracked via this job number through the logistics, data wiping and onward sales process.

Collection jobs are performed by 2 vetted personnel, who carry photographic ID and wear Re-Tek uniforms. They pack all assets for transportation and  use Secure Waste Transfer Forms that record details of the equipment being collected. These forms  are signed by each party on completion of the packing operation, and a copy is left with the customer. An electronic copy is also provided with the full asset report on completion of the job.

Customer assets are built onto pallets and each pallet can be sealed with a unique identifier.  These unique codes are recorded on the Secure Waste Transfer Form.

All personnel carry mobile phones at all times and regularly check-in to head office.  All collection vehicles have immobilisers and are monitored by our GPS vehicle tracking system.

Re-Tek use a combination of long wheel transits vans, 7.5tn and 10.5tn and 24tn trucks giving a full range of options available depending on access restrictions and collection sizes.

Re-Tek also use Bishopsgate and Bonds to augment our internal collection resources. Both of these companies have been audited by Re-Tek and hold ADISA security certification.

Re-Tek aims to uplift customer collections within 72 hours of receiving the initial request and pride ourselves on being flexible enough to cope with most customer requests.