At Re-Tek we actively work to get as much value as possible from each item of equipment.

This is critical for the environment and extends the lifecycle of our clients ICT through repair, refurbishment and reuse activities. If we cannot repair an item, or it is not economical to do so, functional parts are harvested before being responsibly recycled.


The company’s performance is something that we are very proud of. It means that more than 140,000 items of equipment are re-used every year, with non-functional product being responsibly recycled by our global resource and recycling partner. We aim to be a zero-waste-to-landfill company.

The re-use of equipment in 2017, which diverted approximately 700 tonnes of equipment from both landfill and recycling (markets), equates to a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Delivering Best Practice

We regularly audit our downstream recyclers to ensure that, where equipment cannot be reused, we achieve the highest value recycling outcomes possible. We endeavour to add value to the products being recycled and this has resulted in the development of strong partnerships, not only with our recyclers, but also with Scottish Universities.

We support the development of novel research work with the objective of recovering valuable elements that are often lost through conventional recycling techniques.

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