Choose on-site data erasure when you need an on site solution with a positive environmental impact.

When an organisation’s internal risk and security processes dictate that data must be destroyed on site – then on site hard drive shredding may seem like the only option – however this is not the case.

Re-Tek are helping our customers meet their internal compliance requirements, without having to choose a solution for data destruction that has a negative environmental impact.

On site data erasure allows data to be fully destroyed within the customer’s site, while leaving the HDD in tact to be refurbished. This erasure is performed using government approved, NCSC certified Blancco Data Erasure Software. This erasure can be witnessed by key staff who see the real-time generation of wipe logs and asset reports.

This service is carried out by Engineers who are Blancco trained to implement NCSC IAS5 Lower Level and Higher Level  Data Erasures.

Where it is not possible to wipe a hard drive, this drive is removed from the machine and destroyed at the customers’ premises.

The first step is often a site survey by the engineering team to review and agree on the required services.

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