Security is Re-Tek's key driving principle and is the first question we ask when making a decision.

Your Legal Obligations

If your organisation processes personal data, you are responsible for doing so in line with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.
As part of the eight data protection principles that your organisation must comply with to protect the client and individual data, there is an obligation to use ‘appropriate and technical organisational measures’ to protect personal information.

This includes following the below examples of good practice: Create an IT Asset Disposal Strategy. Assign an Asset Disposal Champion. Select an IT Asset Disposal Company that can demonstrate its ability to ensure security. Draw up a contract with the Disposal Company that defines obligations. Regularly audit their services.

Re-Tek are on hand to help you create your asset disposal strategy and ensure full GDPR compliance.

Our Approach

Re-Tek has been consistently certified with a ‘Distinction’ pass against the ‘ADISA’ IT Disposal standard since our first audit as a result of our approach.

Re-Tek holds ISO27001 accreditation and all staff are vetted in accordance with BS7858. Re-Tek has a highly secure, stand-alone facility. For Logistics, we use only hard sided vehicles that have immobilisers and GPS tracking, and customers sign and receive a Secure Waste Transfer Form that records details of the equipment collected. Our Engineers are Blancco trained to implement NCSC IAS5 Lower Level and Higher Level Data Erasures, backed by a Blancco £10m per drive insurance policy.

NCSC Approved Data Wiping

NCSC is the information security arm of GCHQ and the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance within the UK. Based on the security needs of internal government departments, NCSC runs an independent certification program for security products that could be used by government agencies.
Suppliers pay NCSC to submit their products for rigorous testing and approval – but achieving certification gives the product a credible endorsement of its functionality and reliability.
Today there are a very limited number of software erasure tools that have been certified by NCSC. Re-Tek uses Blancco, which is certified by the UK government’s NCSC Department, for higher and lower level Data Erasure (Enhanced and Baseline Data Erasure).

Erasing SSD Technology

Many recent data bearing IT devices now contain Solid State Media (SSD) as their main storage medium, instead of traditional magnetic hard drives (HDD). SSD’s have many advantages over HDD’s – no moving parts, noiseless, faster data access and consume less power.
However, since the technology is profoundly different from an HDD, traditional overwriting techniques may not work well. Data erasure software that could securely erase an HDD may leave data un-erased on an SSD.

The good news is that you can have peace of mind on SSD erasure when using Re-Tek as your IT Asset Retirement partner. Re-Tek use Blancco Data Erasure Software which is certified by DIPCOG, for erasure of SSD storage.

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