The Re-Tek Group of companies were set up in 1996 and initially worked with large original equipment manufacturers worldwide, helping them minimise scrap by selling their excess manufacturing inventory through our three international sites in the USA, Europe and Asia.

In 2003 we diversified into the refurbishment and resale of used IT equipment. Since then we have led the IT disposal industry in offering reuse as a secure, environmentally sustainable method of asset retirement for business organisations within the UK and Europe.

New environmental and data legislation favoured this service, and our client base grew quickly over the following years as the need for legitimate and efficient disposal of used technology became a priority for all organisations.

Although now solely based in Europe we maintain a worldwide presence through our international sales capability and a selection of carefully chosen global partners, which we continue to grow year on year.

Over the past few years, we have made a successful entry into the IT service management sector. Working with established partners in this area, we are able to complement and grow our disposal business.

We are also utilising the expertise gained in business, ICT reuse and supply chain collaboration with both customers and other stakeholders to implement robust and resource efficient reuse models for the used consumer electronics space.

This has resulted in delivering some real value for all involved and throughout 2018 Re-Tek extended the life of 200,000 used technology items for business and the consumer, therefore preventing the need for these items to be inefficiently or needlessly recycled.