Why buy refurbished?

Re-Tek is a company who is at the heart of the “circular economy.” This is an alternative to the traditional product lifecycle (Manufacture, Use and Dispose). We are a company built on eliminating waste and diverting product from landfill. We are committed to having a positive impact on our local & national environment by diverting material from recycling & reuse of as much product as possible, the best way to do this is to refurbish, recycle and reuse. All product sold by Re-Tek is certified pre-owned equipment which has been tested by our qualified technicians using approved software and methods.


What is in the box?

We will always install an operating system on all units as this is the extra level of testing which further ensures the quality of the equipment. Manuals are not included, but can be conveniently downloaded from the manufacture’s websites.

What comes installed?

PC/Laptops are not pre-loaded with Office applications such as Word/Excel/Anti-virus.

What about battery life?

In line with industry standard Retek do not guarantee batteries. The battery has been tested during the process and holds a charge at point of test.

What warranty is included?

As standard on almost all products we provide a 90 days warranty, as well as the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty where applicable.