Equipment that needs recycled can have the same level of security and traceability as re-furbished equipment.

Re-Tek offer a WEEE Recycling service for equipment that is too old or in too poor a condition to be re-furbished.

This process includes CESG approved data destruction and has the same level of security as our re-furbishment process.

Re-Tek breaks down all WEEE into the constituent waste streams, consolidates and stores it, under our AATF license.  It is then shipped to one of our accredited downstream recycling partners.

Our recycling partners are chosen based on their best in class recycling and recovery rates, and are audited as part of our ISO27001 supplier process.

Re-Tek records the serial numbers and asset details of all items that are recycled.  This data is stored in our Production and Asset Management System (PAMS).

Re-Tek can identify the customer, collection location and collection date of every item of equipment collected plus the downstream recycling destination of that item.