Re-Tek only use Government approved, CESG certified Data Erasure software.

Data is one of the most critical resources any organisation has.  It can contain intellectual property, commercial intelligence,  service and customer information and personal employee data.

The IT retirement process must guarantee the protection and total destruction of that data, with no chance of recovery or leakage at any point in the chain of custody.


Re-Tek only use Government approved, CESG certified,  Blancco Data Erasure software to erase all hard drives, including SSD drives and mobile phones.    This software provides a full and complete eradication of all data, and performs a verification of that eradication process.  It creates an individual wipe log for each drive and records the drive serial number onto the job asset report that is then provided back to the customer.

Data Bearing Assets are off loaded under CCTV into a segregated and locked data eradication area. They remain in this area until they are processed through the Blancco data destruction lines. If a unit requires repair or upgrade, this is also done by our engineering team who perform the data wiping.

Any drive that cannot be erased is removed from the equipment and individually recorded into our bespoke Asset Management System (AMS). Depending upon on customer requirements, these drives are then de-gaussed and /or shredded at our premises using our in house shredder,  or consolidated and sent for witnessed destruction at our re-cycling partner.