In today’s world of restricted IT Budgets and organisation downsizing, many customers are choosing to compliment ‘traditional’ IT Refresh projects, with an internal IT Re-furbishment & Re-deployment strategy.

Instead of replacing an entire IT estate with new equipment, incorporating an IT Re-deployment element allows companies to take a strategic view of their IT estate and either:

  • re-allocate higher specification assets that require upgrading in one department,  to another company department which has lower IT performance requirements
  • re-deploy higher specification assets from redundant personnel or departments across the organisation

All re-deployed assets are subject to CESG approved data sanitisation and full refurbishment to return them to an as new condition.  Re-deployment is therefore an effective method of upgrading staff IT that is both highly cost effective and environmentally responsible.

Re-Tek fulfils a fully managed IT Re-furbishment & Re-deployment service on behalf of many of our corporate customers that ensure full environmental and security legislative compliance.

As with all of Re-Tek’s service offerings, implementation details are individually tailored to specific customer needs.

In general, the re-deployment service forms part of a greater asset retirement activity, and utilises the same core services of secure asset collection, CESG approved data sanitisation and asset tracking and reporting that have been developed by Re-Tek over the past 16 years.

Key service elements can include :

  • secure packing and collection of assets from point of origin
  • selecting assets for re-deployment from the total assets being refreshed based on agreed equipment specification / set of criteria
  • Performing a full refurbishment of assets including equipment upgrades where appropriate to meet minimum spec criteria
  • Re-Imaging services with either operating system or full customer image
  • Install to desk services
  • Ongoing reporting to ensure a real time picture of asset status
  • Summary reporting covering all assets re-deployed and assets retired

As with all Re-Tek services, the good news is that much of the re-deployment services can be funded from the residual value in the equipment in the estate that is not being re-deployed, but re-furbished and re-sold by Re-Tek.