Expert, specialised refurbishment processes that generate best in class revenues for all classes of IT Equipment.

Re-Tek’s expert re-refurbishment processes and knowledge allows us to maximise the quantity of customer equipment that is diverted from recycling and sold on. We supply high quality, re-furbished IT  in volume to a large global base of established retailers. The revenues generated allow us to offset the charges associated with the world class services we provide.

Re-Tek does not charge up front for any of our asset retirement services including logistics and data destruction.  In 90% of cases no charges are ever borne by the customer : the value of the kit covers all services and gives a financial return.

The financial model we employ is simply: 

Asset Revenue – Service Costs = + / – Financial Rebate



This model also means we generate high quality, high spec equipment that can be

  • diverted to charities, both at home and abroad
  • used to support local and national digital inclusion initiatives.

Our expertise and approach to asset retirement provides our customers with an opportunity to use their redundant IT as a means to give something back.

A further benefit is the diversion of IT equipment  from energy hungry recycling processes, extending the life of the asset and minimising the environmental impact of the asset retirement process.

As part of the Re-Sale Process, Re-Tek’s main consideration is the eradication of sensitive customer data.    All Data Bearing Assets are held in a secure, segregated area within our warehouse until the Hard Drives are either erased using Blancco CESG approved software, or shredded if not functional.

Re-Tek tracks the origin and sales destination of every individual asset that we collect.  Serial numbers and detailed specifications of all units are recorded into our Production and Asset Management System (PAMS)  and for every item sold we can identify the customer / location and date of collection and the downstream destination of that item – the charity it was donated to or the buyer it was sold to including date and shipping method.