For times where resources are scarce, or there is a lack of internal expertise, Re-Tek provides a full range of de-commissioning services for Datacentre re-locations, closures or upgrades.

With our experience and resources, we are able to assist in delivering changes within your environment, delivered to the highest levels of quality with minimum business impact.  Using our proven techniques and approach, we identify and mitigate risks, as well as deal with issues as they occur, which in turn helps us to achieve consistently high results and for you to achieve your project deliverables and deadlines.

Service Options include :

  • Information Preparation – this can cover all requirements from simple equipment make and model number checking through to full cable tracing and asset information recording.
  • Asset Preparation – Serial number verification, de-labelling and component or hard drive removal with serial number recording.
  • Asset Decommissioning – Full power and data cable removal (with connection detail recording if required), removal from server rack and cable recovery.
  • Asset Removal – Palletising/packaging or moving to client storage or Re-Tek vehicle.
  • Large Scale Decommissioning – Full under-floor and over-head cable recovery and disposal, rack and floor standing equipment (IBM AS, Tape Robots etc) decommissioning, site removal and floor tile replacement.
  • Electrical Based Decommissioning – Rack and Site PDU disconnection and cable recovery, managed UPS decommissioning and disposal.