Re-Tek provide a full range of asset reports that allow you to meet your configuration management needs.


Re-Tek provides a full suite of reports as part of the standard service we provide.  These reports give our customers all the data required for their configuration management processes, allowing compliance with internal security and governance standards.

All reports are unique to a specific customer collection. If required, Re-Tek can consolidate reporting across a timescale or region.

The following reports come as standard with each collection :

  • Asset Management Report
  • Certificate of Erasure
  • Copy of Signed Secure Waste Transfer Form

Asset Management Reports

Our bespoke Asset Management System (AMS) was developed in house to meet our exacting audit needs, and is now being licensed to other IT Disposal companies.

AMS provides full traceability of the origin and destination of every individual asset.  It records each action that was taken on an asset including collection details and which technician worked on it at every stage.

It is used to automatically generate customer asset management reports that contain the following information :

  • Job Collection Number (unique per collection)
  • Type of Equipment
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Customer Asset Number
  • Specification
  • Drive Serial Number
  • Drive wipe status

Processing and reporting timescales are defined as part of the Service Level Agreement at the time of customer engagement.  Re-Tek offers rapid response options for on and off site Data Destruction to meet specific internal or regulatory customer requirements.