Renewable Energy – Reaping The Benefits Of Green Investments

Here at Re-Tek, we recently conducted an exercise to assess the conventional energy saving from our investments in green energy sources to power our facility.   

Climate change is still one of the biggest threats facing the world today so it’s no surprise that the use of renewable energy is more important than ever. So if your business is by any means concerned about the impact you are having on the environment, then you’ll want to be assured that anyone you do business with is equally concerned – with Re-Tek, you can be.

A few years ago we decided to enhance our green energy by installing a solar panel system and a Biomass boiler in the hope that they would enhance our green credentials, reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the cost of running our facility. In total, we’ve invested nearly £100,000 (a pretty significant amount) in renewable energy.

In August 2012, we installed our 60kw Biomass boiler. Now, our heating and hot water is generated by the boiler using pellets generated from sustainable, purpose built forests.


Biomass Boiler 1Biomass Boiler 2








Solar PanelsBuilding on the success of the Biomass boiler investment, in July 2014 we had 176 solar panels installed on our roof.

It’s now been a few years since the installations, so have they delivered what we hoped?

The short answer is YES! Let me explain how…

Our Solar Panels, which power our data wiping lines and light our facility, have generated almost 160KW of electricity.

The Biomass Boiler, which heats our facility, has generated 300KW of gas energy from 75 tonnes of renewable wood pellets.

Between these 2 investments, we have generated almost 500KW of energy from renewable sources – significantly lowering both our carbon footprint and the costs of running our facility.

So what does this mean for you?

Firstly, a reduction in cost for us means reduced costs for you – a win-win. Secondly, you can rest assured knowing that you are partnering with an environmentally friendly company.

And as if you needed any more reason to partner with Re-Tek for your IT disposal needs, look out for a post coming in February about a further green investment.

So, if you have any upcoming refresh projects, give us a call on 0845 206 8100 or drop us an email at for a no obligation quote.

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