Re-Tek Enhances Our Green Energy By Installing 50kW Solar PV System

Last week saw the installation of this 50kw Solar PV system. Re-tek operate from a purpose built 22000 square foot factory and this WMQ solar installation will not only enhance our green credentials but have significant positive financial implications. In addition, the system provides an element of ‘energy security’, helping protect our company from rising energy costs and supply volatility.  2jyrtfke

WMQ Building Services fully designed this 176 panel system and installed it in conjunction with the services of an expert roofing company in a matter of days.

The three SMA inverters pictured convert the energy generated by the solar panels from DC into a usable AC format and are an integral part of the system.z1vvmgqi

The system is designed with longevity in mind with the panels having a 25 year performance guarantee, providing the purchaser with long term peace of mind.

We recommend WMQ Building Services to install your solar installations.


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