Re-Tek Donates IT Equipment to The Turing Trust


Here at Re-Tek, we like to give back where we can… and we don’t just stop with local charities.

For the past few years, Re-Tek have been donating IT equipment to The Turing Trust; a volunteering charity set up in 2009, who aim to provide quality technology and IT training to schools in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Turing Trust send used, re-furbished IT equipment to sub-Saharan Africa to help promote education and training. This IT equipment helps to provide training opportunities and develop skills in Africa “whilst reducing waste and supporting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society”…something we also strive to do here at Re-Tek.




Our initial donation of 100 computers was shipped back in 2015 and is still being put to good use by students in Ghana today. In September 2016, we donated 113 PCs, TFTs, Keyboards, Mice and Cables to the charity. These systems left Edinburgh in February and are expected to arrive in Ghana in March.

And so far in 2017, we have donated IT accessories, including keyboards and power cables, which will go towards further shipments to Malawi in the next few months. The Turing Trust stated “It isn’t just PCs that we need – accessories are just as important – and this includes even the humble network, VGA and power cables!”

The Turing Trust had the following to say about Re-Tek’s support:

“The Turing Trust are honoured to be supported by Re-Tek, who have helped us in our mission to transform schools in rural areas of Ghana. Through them donating a portion of the computers that would normally be recycled to The Turing Trust we have been able to offer model computer lab facilities to teachers and students alike.

Re-Tek have essentially brought us closer to our goal of creating interactive classrooms which also function as digital libraries, and we’re very pleased to be able to help bring reuse over recycling to their production line. We’re looking forward to a long working relationship together.”


The Turing Trust are always seeking working used computers and other IT equipment…for more information about how you can donate or volunteer at the charity, follow the links below:




Re-Tek can also help you to use your company assets to make a difference. By partnering with Re-Tek for your IT disposal requirements you can extend the life of your assets and minimise your carbon impact. We also offer the opportunity to donate any revenue generated by your redundant IT straight to your chosen charity.

So give us a call on 0845 206 8100 or drop us an email at for a no obligation quote.


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