Re-Tek only use Government approved, CESG certified Data Erasure software that is guaranteed to render all data totally unrecoverable.

There are many freeware and shareware products available that claim to erase data from magnetic media. These products have a place, but there is no guarantee or independent verification of their performance.

Also, while they may have been good solutions at a point in time, technology is evolving quickly and there is no assurance that these products will be modified to keep up. This is particularly the case with SSD technology.

CESG is the Information Security arm of GCHQ, and the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance within the UK.  Based on the security needs of internal Government departments,  CESG run an independent certification program for security products that could be used by Government agencies.

Suppliers pay CESG to submit their products for rigorous testing and approval – but achieving certification gives the product a credible endorsement of its’ functionality and reliability.

Today there are a very limited number of software erasure tools that have been certified by CESG.  Re-Tek use Blancco, which is certified by the UK Government’s CESG Department, for higher and lower level Data Erasure (Enhanced and Baseline Data Erasure).

Certification can be found here