The UK Government set up the Waste Reduction Action Plan (Wrap) in 2000 with a remit to ‘minimise resource use and divert priority materials from landfill’.

Wrap have 4 key aims by 2015 :

  • Encourage better design and more informed consumption which will help us all waste less
  • Make it easier to recycle, repair and re-use as much of our waste as possible, wherever we are – in the home, at work, or away from home
  • To enable others to recover as much value as possible from the waste that’s collected – whether as resources that can be used again and again, or as energy
  • Help others to keep resources moving round the economy – the more money we save, the less the demand on ever-scarcer natural resources

Re-Tek are technical advisors to both Wrap, and the Scottish Government’s equivalent Zero Waste Scotland initiative, now called Resource Efficient Scotland (RES).

We are using our extensive expertise in the area of WEEE re-use to work advise on the design and implementation of a number of trials to quantify the commercial and social benefits of  re-use over re-cycling at a national and local level.

These trials are looking at product lifecycle analysis and business model sustainability across a wide variety of consumer and business technological products. The data generated  will be used to demonstrate the commercial viability of promoting re-use at a domestic level and inform Government policy in this area.  It will provide the evidence required for long term government policies and investments in this area.