Many of our customers aim to make a difference in their communities. As part of enhancing their Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) policy they may want to use their redundant IT to support a local charity – turning a redundant asset into a valuable contribution to a person’s life or provide a charitable organisations with additional income:

However, managing this internally has many challenges:

  • The donated equipment must have all the data completely destroyed
  • Assets must be cleaned and brought back to an as new state, with no asset tags or identifying labels.
  • Configuration and Risk Management compliance means there must be a full audit trail of equipment donated, destination, donating officer, authorising officer confirming  the successful completion of data eradication and refurbishment.

Re-Tek provides this service on behalf of our large corporate clients. Assets are selected by Re-Tek based on specifications and quantities supplied. They are:

  • erased using CESG approved data sanitisation software
  • refurbished and or repaired to an as-new condition.
  • packed and shipped to the charity specified.

Audit compliance is achieved through a full audit trail that demonstrates successful data sanitisation and destination of every individual asset.

Re-tek also work closely with regional and international charities in a collaborative approach to identify business models that help recover more EEE for re-use. This has the added benefit of job creation and providing alternative income opportunities for the charity.

These partnerships include ng2 (, a Social Enterprise company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of ng homes ( who maintain a large estate of social housing in North Glasgow. The partnership with Re-Tek provides opportunities for both organisations to capture more used EEE and create new jobs in the recycling sector. A successful project in 2015, collecting ICT product from residents and local businesses, resulted in a significant financial rebate to ng2 under our income sharing model.

Re-Tek have identified the growing third sector as a key player and major contributor to improving used EEE capture and processing and therefore we intend to continue to build our partnerships in this sector. This provides multiple benefits in alternative income for the charity and job creation in an emerging re-use industry and a diversion of many used EEE products from unnecessary conventional recycling.           

The Turing Trust ( are an International charity that provide low end technology ICT to schools in rural Ghana. As a major exporter of quality refurbished used EEE to emerging markets Re-Tek are happy to partner with The Turing Trust to provide quality refurbished low end functional ICT, that would normally go for recycling, to a third world economy for educational benefit.