What is your Asset Retirement Obligation? What does an Asset Management Policy look like?

These are critical questions your company need to answer under the Data Protection Act. Would you be found negligent if you had a data breach?

We lay down the reasons why you need an Asset Retirement Policy in your workplace, the regulations and how to follow and create your own policy.

This guide introduces the essential steps that lead to an effective asset management policy, which is based on commercial best practice and takes account of data security, environmental legislation and sustainability advantages.

Additionally, ADISA advocates this policy must be underpinned by sound risk-based decisions that enable data/asset owners to make informed decisions about the choice of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) service- provider; the most appropriate disposal method that balances security, environmental and cost-recovery considerations.

This guide will teach you:

  • An introduction to the importance of why you should have an Asset Management Policy and what your Asset Retirement Obligation is
  • The UK Data Regulator’s perspective on IT asset disposal
  • Developing and implementing an intelligent asset disposal policy
  • What are the issues? Why do companies get a process, which at face value is so simple, so wrong?

Working with Re-Tek to get it right

At Re-Tek we appreciate that the need for IT Asset Disposal can occurs at irregular intervals and also that its’ responsibility can sit across many different departments and individuals. This makes it challenging to develop and implement the policies and processes of an asset retirement obligation and asset management policy which are a critical part of data protection, environmental compliance, and revenue and cost management.

We are happy to work with our customers to help review existing policy and make suggestions for improvements. This will ensure not only world class service provision through Re-Tek, but also compliant internal policies and procedures that are robust under audit.

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